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Gemstones have changed not only is what varieties and newer discovered mines, but changes offered through treatments and synthetic production. Yes, treatments and synthetic production didn’t start in the 21st century. Synthetic sapphire date back into the 19th century. 

Gold, what color is it? It’s gold color and we weren’t using white gold until the early 20th century. Yellow gold, silver, platinum, tin, copper, all have a place in the history of jewelry.

Excitement comes from any of these discussed but identifying the gem, the metal the periods. But the real excitement comes from never knowing what surprise is the next treasure to be found.

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Bringing a part of the Past into the Present

Gems and gold have been a part of our adornment, our events and special occasions for as long as time can be remembered. Time is precious. We bring part of the past into the present with crafted fine jewelry. Some new, some antique and some meticulously designed custom reproductions. And after all, Natural diamonds are over 20 million years old before being mined, cut and set into jewelry, so whats another year or two?

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