Are Lab Grown Diamonds As Strong As Real Diamonds?

At Espling Jewelers, a beacon of quality and tradition in the jewelry industry, we often field inquiries about the nature, quality, and durability of lab-grown diamonds compared to their natural counterparts. Our commitment to customer education and satisfaction drives us to provide a comprehensive exploration of this topic, rooted in our extensive knowledge and experience.

Understanding Diamond Durability

The Basis of Hardness

Diamonds, whether mined from the earth or created in a lab, are celebrated for their unmatched hardness. This property, measured by the Mohs scale, places diamonds at the pinnacle, with a rating of ten. This exceptional hardness contributes significantly to a diamond's overall durability, making it resistant to scratches, the most common form of wear and tear for gemstones.

Durability and Hardness Compared

Identical Chemical Composition

Lab-grown and natural diamonds share the same carbon-based chemical composition, arranging in a crystal structure that endows them with identical hardness. Consequently, lab-grown diamonds are as resistant to scratching and abrasions as their natural counterparts.

Implications for Jewelry

In practical terms, this means that lab-grown diamonds are equally suited for everyday wear in engagement rings, wedding bands, and other pieces of fine jewelry. Their durability ensures that they retain their luster and structural integrity over time, just like natural diamonds.

Additional Considerations

Fracture and Toughness

Beyond hardness, the toughness of a diamond - its resistance to breaking or chipping - is also crucial. Both lab-grown and natural diamonds possess high levels of toughness, though this can vary slightly based on the presence of internal characteristics or "inclusions" in natural diamonds.

Thermal Conductivity

Another aspect where lab-grown and natural diamonds do not differ is in their thermal conductivity. Both types of diamonds can disperse heat quickly, a property used in various industrial applications and a testament to their robustness.

Special Characteristics of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Manufacturing Process and Durability

The precise conditions under which lab-grown diamonds are created allow for consistent quality and strength. Advanced technologies like High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) replicate the natural diamond formation process, ensuring lab-grown diamonds are as robust as their natural counterparts.

Affordability and Accessibility

Beyond their strength and durability, lab-grown diamonds offer the allure of luxury at a more accessible price point. This affordability does not come at the expense of quality, making lab-grown diamonds a popular choice for consumers seeking value without compromise.

Consequently, consumers can invest in a diamond that not only meets the highest standards of hardness and longevity but also remains accessible within a wider range of budgets. This affordability ensures that the choice for a durable, long-lasting diamond does not necessitate a significant financial burden, making the dream of owning a resilient and beautiful diamond more attainable.


The controlled production of lab-grown diamonds offers unmatched flexibility in terms of size, cut, and color, without sacrificing durability. This ensures that custom and designer pieces made with lab-grown diamonds retain the timeless strength characteristic of diamonds, catering to a wide array of personal preferences.

Informed Decision-Making

When deciding between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond, understanding their comparable strength and durability is crucial. Knowing that lab-grown diamonds offer the same resilience and longevity as natural diamonds can significantly impact the decision-making process, allowing consumers to choose based on design preference, availability, or budget, without concern for durability differences.


The journey to selecting the perfect diamond is enriched by understanding the inherent qualities of lab-grown diamonds, notably their strength and durability, which rival those of natural diamonds. Espling Jewelers is committed to offering a selection that encapsulates luxury, craftsmanship, and the lasting beauty of diamonds. Whether you're drawn to the allure of lab-grown diamonds or the timeless appeal of natural stones, we're here to ensure your choice is informed, confident, and aligned with your dreams. Visit us to explore the enduring elegance of our collections and discover the diamond that perfectly captures the essence of your enduring love and commitment.